Posted on June 25, 2012 Posted by PaLoad

The Top Four Dramatic Movies that Filipinas Can Relate To

It's the start of the rainy season, and what better way to spend a cold and wet day than to indulge in a cry fest? Yeah, it’s probably due to all that drought we experienced just a month ago, but with the sudden (and very welcome) rain showers we’ve been experiencing, it’s like every Filipina woman’s idea of a good time is to stay home in their rattiest sweats and have a good cry over a nice movie and a cup of cocoa. Combine the rain with a few tears, and presto! Have we got the wettest season ever or what? BTW, put those phones away!

Movie Watching on rainy afternoon

What is it with Pinoys and dramatic movies or soap operas? Ever since the 70’s, the Filipino movie-goer and soap opera watcher has been barraged with tear jerkers on the big screen and on their TVs. Our soap operas are not complete if there isn’t a female character that is being maltreated or openly scorned due to her station in life/ her lack of looks/ the fact that she is adopted/ the fact that she has a fish tail instead of legs. Oh yes, there is always something to cry about in Philippine cinema or television.

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