About Us

Who We Are

We are dedicated gadgets lovers that falls inlove with this new technology. As we used this devices we realize how much individuals take seriously on purchasing loads for their phones via some stores near by, as we notice that it takes time and effort to go out and look for electronic loads.

We come up with an idea? how about using internet, just purchasing load online and straight to your mobile web browser. Is that something easy?

That's what foneload aims of providing our customer electoric load in an instant option. No hussle, No effort and just one click away.

Our Market Targets

We target to sell our beloved Filipino brother and sisters abroad.

Other Targets

We also encourage foreigners and friends of friends online to buy loads for their loves ones.

Are we legitimate?

Of course we are, we are not here online to scam people online, we are here to provide efforts to bring our people close together by our loads online. because without cellphone electronics loads we cannot talk to them nor communicate with them? Is that convencing enough? We will wait for your first purchase. Thank You.